Your values are reflected in how you spend your time and money. But how much time do you spend on you? Quality time? Reflective time?

With so many distractions thrown at us on a daily basis it is so easy to lose focus and get distracted. This is unavoidable sometimes if you’re handling a business crisis or a family emergency. But if we constantly get distracted by things like social media, email and other people’s priorities, we become frustrated and stressed because we’re not attending to own wants and needs.

Time Management is so important if you are going to find time for you. Planning is important if you are going to meet your needs. Giving yourself time is important for valuing you.

Within every day’s activities plan time for YOU.

With no plans you waste YOUR time. With no plans you respond to those who have plans for you. Without plans you become reactive rather than proactive. When you have no plans you follow the path of least resistance.

When you have plans you are saying to yourself: “My time is valuable.” When you have plans you find it easier to say no to other requests for your time. When you have plans you are not so easily distracted. When you have plans you time has a purpose.

Once time is gone, it’s gone—that’s why it’s so important to use what you have well. When you have time for yourself the time spent with others becomes much more productive.

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